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Week Long Events Calendar

Stampede Events

Thursday June 22nd

-8:00am - Rodeo Slack

Friday June 23rd

-5:00pm - CPCA Chuckwagon Races

-7:30pm - Rodeo

-9:00pm - Rodeo Dance in Elks Hall

      -$10 Cover


Saturday June 24th

-10:00am Downtown Parade

      -"Celebrating the 70th Annual Wainwright Stampede" theme

-1:00pm - Rodeo

-5:00pm - CPCA Chuckwagon Races

-9:00pm - Rodeo Under the Lights

-9:30pm Stampede Cabaret at Wainwright       PMM 

      -$20 Cover

Sunday June 25th

-2:00pm - CPCA Chuckwagon Races

-6:30pm - Rodeo Battle for the Buckles

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